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D'avant Bakery

C10. Gray Mix Icing Cake

C10. Gray Mix Icing Cake

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  • Gray mixed icing with chocolate cover.

The cake size shown in image is Small + Small.

**Please be advised that cake heights are approximate estimates, as variations may occur due to icing and fruit amounts.

**Special-sized cakes (not including Small & Large) starting from SMALL + SMALL have BUTTERCREAM icing on outside with FRESH CREAM icing on inside.

STRAWBERRY FRUIT: Strawberry, Chocolate Cake

BLUEBERRY FRUIT: Blueberry, Earl Grey, Matcha, Oreo Cake

 SMALL (6.5” X about 3.5”) 4-6 SERVINGS

 SMALL + HALF (6.5in X about 5”) 7-9 SERVINGS 

 SMALL + SMALL (6.5in X about 7”) 10-12 SERVINGS 

 LARGE (8.5in X about 3.5”) 6-8 SERVINGS

 LARGE + HALF (8.5in X about 5”) 9-13 SERVINGS

LARGE + LARGE (8.5in X about 7”) 14-16 SERVINGS